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Who-Is-Who Of Hong Kong InsurTech

We Profile 17 Startups / 10 Insurers / 4 Re-Insurers / 5 VCs Thrilled to share with you our latest Asia Insurance-Tech (InsurTech) Directory, covering Hong Kong ecosystem. With this directory we aim to drive positive impact through encouraging impactful collaborations between startups and insurance corporates. Let's start with a few key insights about Hong Kong ecosystem.

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560MM InsurTech opportunity: ASEAN Playbook

As you probably already know, I've created InsurTechAsia as a vehicle to drive positive impact through the much needed changes in insurance. Focused on Asia as its the region that I've been immersed throughout my corporate insurance career. I fell in love with its diversity, vibrancy and people. Now I'm on a quest to help fix insurance

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MAS, Insurers, InsurTechAsia and British Government to Boost InsurTech In Singapore and ASEAN Region

SINGAPORE: Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) together with British Government (UKTI) and 15 insurance industry representatives, amongst them – Aviva, NTUC Income, AXA, AON, AIA, AXA, IAG, Allianz, Etiqa and InsurTechAsia – co-signed a Statement-of-Intent (SOI) earlier this month on February 10, committing to promote digital innovation in the insurance sector within the region. The

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Time To Ignite Asia InsurTech

New year brings the new chapter for InsurTechAsia I am excited to share with you that we are now ready to ignite the InsurTech ecosystem in Asia. Where last year was all about starting the InsurTech fire, this year we are about to pore gasoline on it 🔥 Being at the heart of the Asia

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2017 Asia InsurTech Predictions

As promised, today I'd like to share with you couple of insights relating to key trends that will shape Asia Insurance Tech (InsurTech) in 2017. Being totally immersed in the Asia InsurTech ecosystem this is not a theoretical exercise. It is rather a results of countless hours of work with insurers, startups and conversations with regulators and

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2017 The Year Of InsurTech

As we kick off 2017, I find it hard to contain excitement over the progress Insurance-Tech (InsurTech) has made over the past year and the awesome path that is emerging ahead of insurance industry. This will be the year in which InsurTech transitions from the realm of "interesting" to "meaningful & impactful". Few things are

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Why Is Your Insurance Claim Denied? (incl. Full Claims Process Details)

An old saying goes, when you are shopping for a drill, what you are actually looking to buy is a hole. What holes are to drills, claims are to insurance. When you buy insurance, what you are actually shopping for is the best claim (cost efficient, hassle free and quick). “What do you mean my

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