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George is a highly experienced Insurance executive with a strong track record of delivering value through roll-up-the-sleeves-and-get-tough-things-done-together-leadership across both emerging and mature Asia. He’s actively mentoring a number of insurance startups, while also leading creation of an industry-wide #InsurTech ecosystem in Singapore— to promote innovation in insurance.

Introducing Dai-ichi Life to Insurtech Asia Association

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT We are pleased to announce Dai-ichi Life Insurance recently joining the InsurTech Asia Association as one of our founding members. We welcome Dai-ichi Life on board and look forward to shaping the future of insurance in Asia together. “We are delighted to be among the founding members of the InsurTech Asia Association. Innovation

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Could InsurTech Revolutionise Insurance Into a Utility?

Imagine a time when oil lamps dimly lit up streets. If you had a privilege of having one of those contraptions outside your home, you would be forgiven for not feeling overly joyous, majority of the time. While it certainly had a purpose, it was difficult to service and oil had a nasty tendency to

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Three Reasons Why Asia Will Be The Hottest InsurTech Market

[Sharing our recent feature on Forbes] Three Reasons Why Asia Will Be The Hottest InsurTech Market It should come as no surprise that FinTech's understated little brother, InsurTech, has entered the limelight, making ripples globally. Here's why Asia will be at the forefront of this next boom. If I could charge a dollar every time

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50 Shades Of Corporate Innovation & Beginning Of A Love Affair With Insurtech

Now that I've captured your attention and imagination with the title of today's post, let's delve into a topic at hand: that of corporate innovation. Traditionally being associated with the Research and Development (R&D) departments of hardware and medical institutions, corporate innovation has recently seen an explosion of interest among broad array of corporates. And

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Why Singapore Is The Perfect Location For Insurance Innovation And InsurTech Startups

In my recent LinkedIn post I've explored why Singapore is one of the best locations for Insurance innovation and InsurTech. In summary, it has a lot of good things going for it: stability, strategic location within the region, and a nurturing entrepreneurship ecosystem. The ecosystem that includes VCs, regulator and a concentration of insurers innovation

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Why Is Your Insurance Claim Denied? (incl. Full Claims Process Details)

An old saying goes, when you are shopping for a drill, what you are actually looking to buy is a hole. What holes are to drills, claims are to insurance. When you buy insurance, what you are actually shopping for is the best claim (cost efficient, hassle free and quick). “What do you mean my

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Insurtech in Asia: Accelerating Insurance Innovation

Welcome to this week’s post! This post explores some of the important developments in insurance tech in Asia and takes a step forward to identify actions that can accelerate the pace of insurance innovation in this region. At the Heart of Insurance Over the past 10 years of having been in the insurance industry in

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Story Of A Forgotten Customer— Time To Rethink Insurance

Once upon a time, there lived a woman. Her name was Jennifer. Jennifer was living in Singapore in her early 30s as a single mother of two and an aspiring entrepreneur. One fine day Jennifer met a nice insurance agent by the name of John who was a very friendly and trustworthy gentleman who wore

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