As we kick off 2017, I find it hard to contain excitement over the progress Insurance-Tech (InsurTech) has made over the past year and the awesome path that is emerging ahead of insurance industry. This will be the year in which InsurTech transitions from the realm of “interesting” to “meaningful & impactful”.

Few things are quite apparent looking ahead:

  1. Traditional insurance distributors, including brokers and agents, will start to feel the pain;
  2. We will see a lot more insurance startups, investment and deeper collaboration with insurers;
  3. Asia will emerge as a top destination for insurance startups;

In the coming days I’ll share my thoughts to elaborate on those. For now, wishing you the very best of success for 2017 and sharing couple of impactful articles I’ve particularly enjoyed reading over the holidays, in case you’ve missed it:

Roger Peverelli: co-founder of DIA Barcelona and upcoming DIA Amsterdam. Being at the center of Insurance Innovation, Roger shares top trends that he sees shaping digital insurance agenda in 2017.

Nigel Walsh: top InsurTech influencer. An insightful reflections on 2016 and looking ahead to 2017. Speed, AI and focus on SME, are my personal favourites :


Startupbootcamp InsurTech, has chosen their top 10 InsurTech startups which will be participating in their 2017 acceleration program. Among those selected are:

TikkR, a Swedish-based startup which specialises in providing short-term and on-demand insurance protection to insure specific moments, mainly targeting Millennials.

Port, a personal information cloud datastore for insurance business and people, hailing from the United Kingdom.


Metromile – The 4-year old startup quietly raised nearly $200 million in a series of unannounced investment rounds. Its core offering, pay-per-mile auto insurance, is also poised to go mainstream.

Looking forward to 2017 being the next chapter in our journey to reshape insurance industry. Let’s make this the year of InsurTech!


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