A digitally savvy consumer population combined with the innovation-driven insurance industry makes Thailand a prime location for TIA Technology to take its first step into Southeast Asian markets.


As a leader in standardized software solutions for the insurance industry, TIA Technology serves customers in 30 countries across Europe and Africa. Today, the company announces the appointment of Managing Director, Christopher Dennis, responsible for the Asia region. Dennis, an insurance industry expert with over 20 years’ experience working with companies across China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, is building a team in Thailand to begin serving new TIA clients in the region.

“There is a sense of urgency amongst insurance companies in Thailand right now,” explains Dennis. “Many are relying heavily on legacy systems and manual workflows to manage daily operations. At the same time, Thai consumers are growing increasingly hungry for a digital insurance experience. Insurers acknowledge they need to do something radical to keep pace with consumers – before it’s too late.”

Recruiting local technology experts

Dennis is currently assembling a team of business analysts with experience in the local market.

“We need the right expertise to help us hit the ground running and we are seeing great interest from local talent,” says Dennis. For implementation, TIA will collaborate with local partners who will also have continuous access to TIA’s global in-house implementation and technology team.

TIA’s strategy is to take a customer-centric approach to the Asian market and grow the business steadily by serving customers with unique digital solutions. To support this effort, the company will continue its tight collaboration with InsurTech Asia, an InsurTech accelerator based in Singapore, and participate in knowledge-sharing and networking events across the region. TIA expects to strengthen and grow its existing partnerships in Asia and begin an abundance of new relationships during 2018.

About TIA Technology

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, TIA Technology provides an open, scalable, standard software platform to insurance companies around the world. With over 20 years of software and services experience and 54 customers globally, TIA has deep insight into insurance business processes. The company deploys this expertise to help insurers develop differentiating products that engage their customers and support their business strategies and digital trans- formations. Offering the full scope of expert implementation, application management and hosting services, TIA also ensures its customers keep control of costs, achieve a faster time to market and gain ultimate business value. www.tiatechnology.com