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Insurance Collaborate: Corporate Startup Engagement Event

Building on a success of our first four Insurance Collaborate events in Singapore, we are bringing together Insurtech startups, insurance industry leaders, investors and partners to unleash a powerful collaboration in Hong Kong. During the event, you'll briefly hear how innovative startups are re-imagining various parts of the insurance value chain. This will be followed

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Insurtech in Asia: Accelerating Insurance Innovation

Welcome to this week’s post! This post explores some of the important developments in insurance tech in Asia and takes a step forward to identify actions that can accelerate the pace of insurance innovation in this region. At the Heart of Insurance Over the past 10 years of having been in the insurance industry in

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Story Of A Forgotten Customer— Time To Rethink Insurance

Once upon a time, there lived a woman. Her name was Jennifer. Jennifer was living in Singapore in her early 30s as a single mother of two and an aspiring entrepreneur. One fine day Jennifer met a nice insurance agent by the name of John who was a very friendly and trustworthy gentleman who wore

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