Official Announcement

We are pleased to announce Entsia recently joining the InsurTech Asia Association as one of our founding members. We welcome Entsia on board and look forward to shaping the future of insurance in Asia together.

“We are thrilled to join the InsurTech Asia community as a founding member, bringing industry players and startups a notch closer. The Entsia digital distribution platform allows insurers to distribute any product in any channel, helping them to master omni-channel complexity and to easily build bridges to InsurTech and other ecosystem partners.” – Dr Tom Ludescher, CEO Asia & EMEA, Entsia

About Entsia

Insurance distribution is shifting from traditional channels to new, improved means of distribution.  At the same time, emerging risks demand innovative and complex insurance products.  Legacy policy administration systems (PAS) struggle to integrate and cope with these new channels and products, leading to substantial time consumption, cost and operational risks. This complexity can be handled in a simple, fast and economical way by using the right set of tools.  Creating a digital bridge between modern digital distribution channels, traditional channels and legacy PAS demands a platform that has a highly product and channel agnostic design.  Ready-to-use channels and capabilities are pre-integrated (“out-of-the-box”), allowing for an even faster implementation of products.  With this, the vision of true interoperability between the various distribution channels, parties and systems becomes reality.

At Entsia, we have created a platform that is able to seamlessly integrate with modern digital distribution channels, platforms and ecosystems as well as any form of legacy systems currently used by insurers or their distribution partners.  This platform works as a universal bridge which is paired with a unique modular product workbench.  Its multi-messaging capabilities allow products to be rolled out across any number of channels without any channel specific adaptations required, unless of course such adaptations are desired.  This results in a breathtakingly fast time-to-market for new products and superior cost efficiency. At the same time, the platform reduces the complexity of multi-channel distribution substantially.”

About InsurTech Asia Association

InsurTech Asia Association is an independent membership-based industry initiative that aims to advance insurance in Asia through the impactful application of Insurance Technology (InsurTech). InsurTech Asia Association’s mission is to accelerate digital transformation of the insurance industry in Asia by removing innovation hurdles and increasing collaboration between InsurTech startups and Insurance corporates. Association seeks to address some of the key issues affecting the growth of the sector, from attracting impactful international startups to helping shape the development of effective regulation.